Sabado, Oktubre 17, 2015

My Queen in White

 My Queen looking so fab in her white exhausted gown! She always looks lovely when she wear white. I can't resist not posting this because this is one of her best photoshoot ever! Like ever. 

Huwebes, Oktubre 15, 2015

KA's selfie

A KathRisse selfie! They look so cute here even though Arisse didn't look at the camera. Haha, Kath took a selfie wihtout telling Arisse. Haha, check out their instagram and twitter for more photos!

Kathryn - twitter & instagram: @bernardokath
Arisse - twitter & instagram: @arissedsnts 

Linggo, Oktubre 11, 2015



Let the flood carry away all my pictures of you
The water filled my lungs I screamed so loud but no one heard a thing  

*purple heart emoji*

Look! A violet sky last October 6. It was really amazing! I think its my first time to witness this kind of color in the sky. And because of that, I had a mini photoshoot my friends! Haha. It was fun!

Linggo, Oktubre 4, 2015


Hello! I am Joy Ebrahim from Philippines.

So having a blog has always been my dream. I told my friend how it feels to have a blog so we decided to make one.

And I will be posting random stuffs! Like, what I do every day, where will I go, or what I eat or anything that I do in any day.

Kathryn and Arisse actually inspired to make my own blog. Arisse is a beauty infulencer and a famous blogger. So I decided to make my own blog so that I can be like them, somehow.

This blog is just my breather. I just want to express myself that no one will know. I will post anything I like. To you, who is actually reading this, please don't judge.

Welcome to my life! Xo, J.